March 25, 2020

Best Hotels to Stay in Honolulu Hawaii

Waikiki drone photograph

There are many reasons to fall in love with Hawaii. Of those many reasons, a good number of them will have you dreaming, even fantasizing of the day you will set foot on these beautiful islands. It might be you were drawn by the beautiful music of Israel Kamakawiwo’ole, or the myriad of TV shows that have been set on these beautiful islands, one thing is clear: you have to visit.

And on your visit, you know you have to spend your time at the best hotels in Honolulu Hawaii because, well, your journey has to start and end at someplace. Why not make it the capital of this beautiful island state?

Wondering what the best place is for you? Here are some of the best hotels in Honolulu Hawaii where you can enjoy your outing to the island.



This is hands down the best hotel experience that Honolulu has to offer or even the world. Here is a hotel that knows that being called a hotel isn’t just about offering a room to sleep in and some food to nourish you. They recognize that it’s the little things that go on around that will make or break your day.

And that is why whenever you set foot in the hotel, you will be taken on a tour of the hotel and its facilities. They will use this time to rush some of the best chocolates and fruits you’ve ever tasted into your room.

If a Wednesday does find you as a guest of the hotel, then you’d want to head over to the Hau Terrace to enjoy the Manager’s Reception. In elaboration, you get to enjoy some of the private label wines the hotel has to offer, as well as some light appetizer to make the evening a pleasant experience.

That’s not all. They do have another program that you can opt into. Simply called “For you, everything”, this is a program that is geared to get you to experience the best of Honolulu. From the Hawaii Symphony Orchestra, the Hawaii Museum of Art, Iolani Palace among others, you get to experience a pinch of the best of what Hawaii has to offer.


Alohilani Resort

You’ve probably heard a lot about Waikiki before. Here is a district that is draped in glitz and glamour, and happens to be very popular with modern creative works. And this is probably because of the myriad of glamorous hotels that can be found right along the beach. And one of these just happens to be the Alohilani.

At its spot, there once stood a hotel that could trace its date of establishment to the ’60s but somehow managed to go down. Then through a $115 million dollar refreshment, the old was thrown out and the new was brought in. And yes, the investors did their homework when they went to the designers for this.

Right when you walk in, you will be welcomed by a 280,000-gallon aquarium. If the size and vista of it are not that impressive to you, how about the opportunity to enjoy various cocktails in the lobby while you are getting wowed by the variety of fish in there?

If you still aren’t impressed by that, then get your bags up to your room, and then go exploring for more. There’s one thing that is guaranteed to get you sweating with excitement. You get the chance to show the world your chops on the two full-size clay courts on the premises.

This is a resort that seems to have been built for people who like to get active. Aside from the clay courts, you also get to practice your home runs with the batting cages. When you’ve sufficiently warmed up, you can head into the fitness center and get a workout. From there, you can head over to the spa, and get worked over to get rid of your sore spots, and depression.

You may feel like getting into a lot of water but the beach is just a tad away from your self-imposed exile, so the infinity pool overlooking the ocean will do for you. You can then rest up by the cabanas as you wait for dinner time. And the excitement doesn’t stop.

You have the choice of two Morimoto restaurants from which you can enjoy exquisite noodle and dim sum meals. If you get your reservations in early, you can get to enjoy a meal on a lanai, while facing the beautiful ocean. Isn’t that a treat that every vacationer is looking for?


The Royal Hawaiian

Even though you may be out to have a good time while you are on the island, you would still want to enjoy your time in a resort that is steeped in deep history. Here is a hotel that was mainly meant to serve those able to steamboat into Hawaii, but then also served as an R&R center during the Second World War.

In 93 years, the charm that this hotel was built with still gets you to fall in love with what this hotel stands for; a true experience of the culture of Hawaii. Even the Spanish and Moorish style of architecture has somehow morphed to become an icon of Hawaii and its people.

Here is another hotel that realizes it’s not just enough for you to show up, eat sleep, and be on your merry way. It’s about providing you with the best experience possible. With the Royal Hawaiian, they don’t wait for you to walk in their doors to get this going. As soon as you make a booking, you will receive a call that will kick off this experience for you.

As you go in, you’ve already been primed for the experience of a lifetime, and they follow it up by putting a fresh lei around your neck, as well as providing you will a complimentary breakfast. You also get to enjoy a variety of appetizers and beverages to help you get rid of the jet lag and general travel weariness.

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