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November 17, 2022

Dive into Refreshing Honolulu Holiday Fun This December

honolulu marathon

After uncertainty around the holidays for the past few years, we are finally able to start gathering again and enjoying the holidays as they are meant to be celebrated: as a community. On Oahu, there is a lot to celebrate with the temperatures still warm and the sun still shining. Grab your favorite red and green Hawaiian shirt or lace up your running shoes for all the excitement taking place this December in Honolulu.

From one of the largest marathons in the world to great local markets to pick up some last minute gifts, you can enjoy a holiday to remember this Christmas. Complete your trip with some refreshing time in the water with Island Water Sports Hawaii and truly get the refreshment and restoration you deserve. Here are some of the events happening on Honolulu this December so start preparing your trip today!

1. Honolulu Marathon

The fourth largest marathon in the United States, the Honolulu Marathon promises to be a race unlike any other. Only New York, Boston, and Chicago are larger but we can promise you they don’t have nearly as great of views. Spend your day racing along the hills and oceanside with incredible views and great camaraderie then enjoy your evening with post-race treats and festivities to celebrate your crowning achievement. There is no time limit in this marathon and all finishers will receive a medal at the end. You’ll get to see spectacular holiday lights along the course as well as stunning Pacific Ocean views that you’ll never forget.

When the hard work is over, make sure you plan some restorative time on the water. Island Water Sports Hawaii offers many great adventures like sub-scooters and snorkeling as well as sport fishing. These are great ways to enjoy the island as well as restore your body from a long day of running!

2. Mālama Hawaii Makers Market

As you spend some time on the island, you’ll likely want to bring back some souvenirs or Christmas gifts. What better way to do that than with gifts made with local hands? The Mālama Hawaii Makers Market is having their monthly pop-up market on December 10th at Waikiki Elementary School. This market is all about shopping local and supporting local artists. Crafts and goods made by local people will be for sale and you can snag some one-of-a-kind gifts for your loved ones. There will be food vendors as well so you can try some great local flavors while at the market to round out an already wonderful vacation.

3. Whale Watching Season

Another great reason to visit Hawaii in December is your chance to see humpback whales as they start to arrive to the islands after their long journey from Alaska. The whales migrate south in the fall to mate, give birth, and nurture their calves before traveling back north in the spring. They start to arrive in Hawaii in November but sightings take place all the way until May so you’ll likely get a sighting if you try!

These massive, incredible creatures are reason enough alone to come but you’ll also get many great events and daily fun happening around the holidays in Hawaii.

4. Spend Time on the Water Without the Worry of Cold

The best thing about a Hawaiian holiday? No cold and snow. When you come to Oahu in December, you’ll have all the Christmas cheer without the Christmas cold. Island Water Sports Hawaii wants to help you make this a unique holiday with some fun in the Pacific. Whether you’re recovering from the marathon or you want some new memories with your family, there are so many great adventures to have on the water while you’re here.

From snorkeling and fishing to something new like super dolphins, you’re guaranteed to make memories and have a blast while you’re doing it. Our team is specially trained to give you the adventure that you’re looking for and provide you the best tools for it.

Check out all the great activities that we offer and start planning your vacation today by booking a vacation rental. Ali’i Beach Rentals offers amazing vacation rentals for you and your family to relax in when you’re not splashing around in the ocean.

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