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May 7, 2024

Relaxation Benefits of the Ocean

Shot of a woman floating on her back in the ocean

You can’t deny the instant calming effect the ocean has on a busy mind. It’s why so many people plan beach vacations in the first place! From the rhythmic crashing of distant waves to the weightless feeling of floating, water is scientifically linked with regulating our parasympathetic nervous system and helps us rest and decompress.

If you’re visiting Oahu, you’re already on your way to an incredibly calming and restorative vacation. To help you get the most out of your time, though, as we explore the relaxation benefits of the ocean, we’re diving into unique ways you can experience the water while you’re here. From top tours to niche activities, we’ve got all the details below. Check them out and get ready to experience the most peaceful vacation of your life!

Sub-Scooter and Snorkeling Tour

person riding underwater submarine scooter looking at tropical fish

At Island Water Sports Hawaii you can take a snorkeling tour like no other. Instead of leaky goggles and flimsy breathing apparatuses, our eco-friendly submarine scooters provide a one-of-a-kind experience. With the science of the diving bell on our side, our scooters allow you to enjoy a snorkel tour where you can breathe freely underwater as you navigate on your self-propelled scooter.

Gently ride past vibrant tropical fish, gentle Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles, and even curious octopi! With zero scuba or diving experience needed, this is a great activity for the whole family and is appropriate for children as young as 10. Experience the full relaxation benefits of the ocean as trade the kicking of traditional snorkeling for our peaceful underwater ride. Learn more about our Submarine Scooter Tour and join us during your Oahu vacation for a day you won’t forget.

Sea-Bob Tour

We all know the wonder of watching dolphins leap through the surf from our vacation lanai, or even from the shore or a boat. But, what if you could “be” the dolphin? When you book our Sea-Bob Super Dolphin tour, that’s exactly what you become.

Cut through the waves at up to 12 miles per hour and feel the relaxing power of the ocean wash over you as you jump and dive. Every thought will leave your mind as you marvel at the beauty of Hawaii’s stunning marine life. After your ride through the water, enjoy the beautiful sunny skies from the deck of our catamaran as you snack on the provided refreshments. Whether you’re looking to connect with nature or try something totally unique during your Oahu vacation, Island Water Sports Hawaii has you covered.

Yoga Floats

woman on paddleboard doing yoga at sunset

Born out of a desire to blend her love of the ocean with her passion for yoga, Kelsey Moore founded Yoga Floats; a distinct practice that combines standup paddleboarding (SUP) with the ancient meditative art. Upon experiencing the relaxation benefits of the ocean in her own life, she moved from Canada to Hawaii and has been helping people find inner peace and connectivity through her passion ever since.

SUP yoga is perfect for experienced practitioners and novices, alike. The only thing you need is an open mind. Worried about the water depth? Don’t be. They practice at the calm Ala Moana Beach Park and never venture past waist-deep water. Plus with class sizes that cap at 10 people, you’re able to get all the assistance you need. If you’re looking for a truly meditative experience to add to your Hawaiian vacation, check out their classes!

Sensory Deprivation Float Tank

At Dream Float Hawaii, you can experience the relaxation benefits of the ocean without the sand, sun, or crowds. Filled with 10 inches of water and about 1,000 pounds of Epsom salt, your body will be effortlessly suspended as your mind sinks into a deeply meditative state. With water heated to skin temperature, the weightless feeling coupled with the dark room has been known to make people feel like they’re floating in space.

From aching joints to chronic stress, sensory deprivation float tanks have proven beneficial in calming and regulating stress and alleviating pain. If you’ve never tried this, be sure to check it out while you’re visiting Oahu! They even have a couple’s float so you can share the experience.

Book Your Relaxing Ocean Experience Today

two people riding sea-bobs underwater

From the wide, open waters of Maunalua Bay to the calm Ala Moana Beach, you can experience the relaxation benefits of the ocean in a variety of ways during your Oahu vacation. With multiple tour options and a dedication to providing exceptional experiences for our guests, Island Water Sports Hawaii offers some of the most popular water activities in the area. Check out our full list of tours and book your adventure with us today!

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