March 12, 2024

Teach Your Kids to Love the Water

Kids playing underwater in pool

At 75% of the earth’s makeup, water is the most prevalent compound on our planet. Vital to the survival of all living things, it’s not only a necessary part of our world, but it also provides tons of fun and opportunities for adventure.

For many adults, the water can be a place of relaxation and peaceful reset, and for children, it can be a magical world full of discovery! However, before you can explore the mysteries of the water, you have to understand the basics of water safety, and the best way to do that is to start from a young age. If you’re looking for ways to teach your kids to love the water, there are tons of things you can do, from early swimming lessons to family-friendly underwater adventures like the ones offered at Island Water Sports Hawaii. This month, as we creep toward spring break and summer vacations, we’re covering all the must-know techniques so you’re prepared to enjoy epic water adventures on your family vacations. Check them out below and start dreaming up all the fun you can have once you teach your kids to love the water.

The Importance of Water Safety

Father and son swim lesson for infant

We all know water can be dangerous; that’s why we have lifeguards at public pools, swim lessons at the local YMCA, and entire industries dedicated to safety apparel like lifejackets and floaties. Statistically, of the roughly 3,572 drowning deaths that occur annually in the U.S., one in four are children, with nearly half being infants and toddlers, according to the Children’s Safety Network. This is why things like newborn swim lessons are becoming increasingly popular and are so important!

When looking for infant swim resources, make sure you’re booking a certified instructor who teaches more than just swimming. You want someone who focuses on life-saving skills, specifically, and when it comes to those skills, there are two primary methods. If your child cannot yet walk, it’s vital they learn the roll-to-float technique. This method allows your child to float safely on their back until they can be rescued. Once your child is able to walk, you can move onto the swim-float-swim method, the goal of which is child self-rescue. This method combines basic swimming techniques of kicking and paddling with periodic back-floating to allow the child to rest and catch their breath until they can swim again, eventually reaching dry land or a pool railing where they can pull themselves to safety. Overcoming a fear of water and instilling confidence in your child when it comes to water safety is a vital part of teaching your kids to love the water, and can lead to a lifetime of water fun and adventure.

Early Introduction to the Water

baby in tub full of toys

In addition to teaching water safety from a young age, there should also be a general introduction to the water itself as early as possible. Whether that’s vacations to the beach, kiddie pool splashes, boat rides, or even playing in a sprinkler, exposure ensures familiarity and helps combat fear.

One of the easiest ways to teach your kids to love the water is to transform bath time into fun time! The safe and controlled environment of the tub is the perfect place to let your kids experiment with blowing bubbles through their noses, putting their faces underwater, practicing flipping from their bellies to their backs, and more. Grab their favorite bath time toys and just let them play. This approach not only makes bath time something to look forward to but subtly teaches them some core fundamentals about water.

Discover the Wonders Below the Water’s Surface


Sparking a curiosity about marine life is another fun way to teach your kids to love the water! From colorful fish and playful dolphins to intricate coral reefs, there’s an entire world to discover under the surface. Consider taking your kids fishing so they can learn about the fish in your local lakes, rivers, or oceans. Aquariums are another great tool and often feature hands-on exhibits that can teach your children about the dos and don’ts of interacting with fish and other aquatic animals. For a truly immersive experience, you can book snorkeling tours or other underwater adventures that provide a safe and fun activity for the whole family!

If you’re visiting Oahu and want to incorporate a water activity into your itinerary, Island Water Sports Hawaii offers excellent options that will introduce you to the mesmerizing underwater world of Hawaii’s Maunalua Bay.

Choose from either of our most popular offerings and enjoy a day of unrivaled fun.

  • Submarine Scooters Tours with Snorkeling & Catamaran Cruise – This 2-hour adventure is perfect for children ages 10 and up and requires zero scuba diving or swimming experience. Unlike other snorkeling adventures that just include your basic surface-level exploration, when you book our Sub-Scooter tour, you get the thrill of riding your very own self-propelled eco-friendly underwater scooter. Thanks to the physics behind the diving bell, air pressure keeps water from entering our scooter’s helmets, allowing you to cruise through the water without the uncomfortable constraints of conventional diving equipment. Gaze at incredible Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles, bright starfish, and even the occasional octopus! After the tour, enjoy refreshments aboard our 50’ catamaran as you take in the stunning views of Oahu and the Pacific.
  • Sea-Bob Super Dolphin Snorkeling & Cruising Tour – Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to slice through the surf like a dolphin? Well, you can finally find out when you book our Sea-Bob Super Dolphin tour. Enjoy two hours of fun in Maunalua Bay as you lounge on the sun deck of our catamaran, snorkel and swim in the crystal-clear waters, and take an epic ride on our eco-friendly electric super dolphins! Make incredible dives and banking turns at up to 12 miles per hour as you explore the stunning underwater world of Oahu. Perfect for ages 10 and up, this is one activity that’s guaranteed to help you teach your kids to love the water.

Book Your Next Water Adventure with Island Water Sports Hawaii

kid riding an underwater wave runner sea bob

Teaching kids to love and respect the water is a valuable gift that will serve them for a lifetime. It opens up a world of adventure, wonder, and learning. At Island Water Sports Hawaii, we’re dedicated to making these experiences accessible to families, combining the thrill of exploration with the importance of safety and conservation. By booking a tour with us, families can create unforgettable memories while instilling a deep appreciation for the aquatic world in their children. Give your kids the opportunity to discover the joy and beauty of the water while they’re young so they can enjoy its magic throughout their lives.

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