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February 27, 2020

Exciting things to do in Honolulu on your next Hawaiian Vacation

Are you planning on a vacation but are not that sure of a good destination to spend it? why don’t you try Honolulu as a holiday destination and get to enjoy an awesome experience for both you and your family? This is because this is among the destinations that are ideal for a whole family vacation. You and all your family members are guaranteed a wonderful time in Honolulu because of the following wonderful activities at your disposal.


Waikiki Atlantis Undersea experience

If you are one who is thrilled about underwater adventures, then this will surely be a great idea. You might experience this through a submarine and get to learn about the Waikiki’s marine mysteries that are guaranteed to blow your mind. This activity is 100-feet deep and you will be well catered for because the submarines in use are both eco-friendly and fully air-conditioned.

You get to see a number of sunken shipwrecks and explore the dive sites within. This is a chance to have a close up look at Atlantis which is mostly featured in National Geographic’s. The submarine ride that goes 100-feet deep is also a great adventure that you will surely enjoy.




Hiking tour of the Diamond Head Crater

If you are the type that welcomes a hiking adventure, then Honolulu is surely the place to be for your vacation. This will be ideal for family members who like to put their hiking backpacks to great use while also practising their hiking skills.

Diamond crater is one place that you will have to visit whiner you are in Honolulu as it is one geographical feature that will amaze you. This is the icing on the cake of the whole Honolulu site seeing adventure.

You get to have an up-close look at Oahu’s iconic volcanic cone and also get to learn a thing or two from your well educated and experienced guide about how the feature was formed.

The view from up there will also provide you with a wonderful breath-taking photo opportunity of Waikiki, the mountains of Honolulu and other breath-taking sites.



Paradise Cove Luau

For interaction with the Honolulu culture, this will do the trick as well as give you a relaxing time in the evening after a number of touring activities. This is the best place to be after a long and quite tiring time hiking. The culture of the Honolulu people will greatly comfort you as you enjoy the relaxing music and have a refreshing sip of their native drinks.

For your meals, you get to enjoy mouth-watering island buffet that can be either kalua pork or some of the best fish recipes. This you enjoy as the Samoan dancers take you through their cultural dance routines and performances that are quite exciting.

If you are into games, you will get to learn about new games as enjoyed by the people of Honolulu. These include Polynesian games and also some crafts like rational tattoo drawing skills. You might also be taken through some of the rituals that are normally performed the beachside on special occasions.



Pearl harbour and USS Arizona Memorial

For an educational treat about some of the events during the second world war, you get acquainted about one or two facts about the famous pearl harbour. There is a floating platform over a sunken ship that serves as an exhibit and you could take lovely pictures of it. there are also a number of other exhibits and artefacts that you could find quite educative.

A boat ride can be offered for those who would like to go through the whole harbour and view the full scale of the attack. This is done with an expert guide who is well-versed with the events and the history of events.



Kailua beach park

This is one of the sites that will give an unsurpassed experience when it comes to kite surfing or windsurfing experience. These are sports that are unique and best enjoyed after you learn how to go about it in one of the best beaches around.

This is just a walking distance from Lanikai beach and you could have a great time enjoying either and the unique features they have to offer.





The Manoa falls

This is one site that will surely thrill those that are into geographical sites. The fall is an amazing 100feet in height. You get to enjoy a view of the rainforest that is close to the waterfall.  This might also serve as a great site for site seeing adventures.

The paths are a great scene and have been used for geographical movies that have even sold out in cinemas recently.

Hikers will find the trail suitable for their hiking adventures, so if you have your hiking bag, this is one of the places to put your hiking skills to test. Hiking is best done from dusk to dawn as you embrace nature and what it has to offer.



Iolani palace

This is a historic building that was built more than two decades ago and was used by the king of the land back then. This is one place you must surely visit if you are in Honolulu for the first time. You get to understand the way Honolulu was led by monarchs and also get images of the final monarchs of this land.

You might not be allowed to take pictures at certain parts of the palace but you are guaranteed a wonderful time site seeing and being educated with a well-informed guide. The galleries will surely be a great scene to watch as well as a number of golden statues of the past rulers of the land.

The above are just unique sites that are best to visit whenever you are in Honolulu that will surely guarantee an awesome experience. If you want a random experience you could also engage in surfing, diving or even snorkelling. Most people would even keep it simple and enjoy a wonderful time along Waikiki and Lanikai beach while just resting with their families as the children build sandcastles and have fun.

As you see, when it comes to Honolulu, you are spoilt for choice as to what you can do to have a great time.

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