Travel Restrictions Lifted – Island Water Sports Hawaii
March 10, 2022

Travel Restrictions Lifted


Good news! Starting March 25th, 2022, the Safe Travelers Program in Hawaii comes to a close. Domestic travelers from the United States are no longer required to register for the Safe Travelers Program, do not need to show Covid-19 vaccination status, and do not need to take a pre-travel test. As of now, the indoor mask mandate remains in place statewide until further notice.

Come explore the open waters of Oahu and enjoy a fun day of water activities with Island Water Sports! From sub scooters to snorkeling tours and super dolphins, our excursions are designed for a thrilling day of exploration. With top safety in mind, our instructors are ready to guide you from the start and ensure a fun and safe underwater experience. Space is limited for the season ahead, so book now and reserve your preferred activity!


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